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Motivational thinking, creative direction, artistic interpretation, image making, innovational idealism, educationally sharing, inspirationally caring, photographically artistic..sheer genius

Anthony Mascolo has been at the forefront of global hairdressing for the past 30 years, since he first participated in photo shoots and hair shows as a teenager, who showed extraordinary talent.

He is an incredible image-maker, as renowned for his photography as he is for his hairstyles. He is also a charismatic personality with a totally creative mind that has made him an inspiration to hairdressers across the globe.

Just over two years ago, Anthony took, what many people thought was an extraordinary step, when he changed his direction and his role, becoming International Creative Director of TIGI haircare.

The challenge of developing TIGI haircare into a fashionable, edgy, product company has motivated Anthony to new levels. He has opened his own photographic and creative centre, Bed Head Studios, in Battersea, South London which has become the hub of creativity for the Company.

Together with his wife, Pat, a superb makeup artist, Anthony is concentrating on helping other hairdressers achieve their creative potential, working with them on image development, film, graphic ideas and promotional activities -as well as developing their businesses.

He has vision and an unusual approach to both business and creativity which excites all who work with him.

During the last eighteen months Anthony has developed a team of experienced and artistic hairdressers. The TIGI International Creative Team has already appeared on stage across Europe and the USA and is fast gaining a reputation for its exciting interpretation of contemporary fashion.

The team is much in demand at all the major global hairdressing events and is working with hairdressers around the world, helping them develop their retailing, marketing and image skills. As TIGI haircare goes from strength to strength, the International Creative Team has developed a strong education programme and has launched its first educational collection,

TIGI haircare, encompassing Bed Head and Catwalk, therefore signifies much more than merely a way to maintain your hair! Behind the funky packaging, is a whole scheme of inspirational ideas that give the hairdressers using and retailing the products, the know-how to create great hairstyles - using great products - that ultimately inspire their clients too!

In fact clients are ultimately Anthony's main focus. Always a commercial hairdresser, he has developed imagery that gives a simplistic message: "how to get the look". This strapline has worked well on TIGI's international advertising campaigns over the past year, multiplying the brand awareness of the product.

Anthony's goal is to take TIGI haircare to the mainstream public, create a truly recognisable global brand and make TIGI haircare a world recognised fashion statement. How will he achieve this - it's down to sheer genius!

If you would like to find out more about Anthony and Pat Mascolo
and Bed Head Studio please contact:

Linda Evans
T. 0207 228 5999
M. 07825941056
Email: or


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